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In many cases the nodes open a new dimension in natal chart readings providing significant clues to personal timeline and reasons behind prevalent patterns of emotions and actions. That is why we should begin this story by looking at the past of the nodes themselves…. It is likely that the ancient Babylonians have discovered the existence of the lunar nodes by keeping track of solar and lunar eclipses, the observations perhaps spanning centuries of careful record keeping.

The kingdom of Babylon existed a long time ago — around 18th to 6th centuries BC, or mind boggling 2, to 20, years ago from now — and was known throughout the ancient world for its rich culture and science. Babylonian astrologers recognised the repeating nature of solar eclipses — eclipses of similar strength and geometry tended to happen at regular intervals. Measured in lunar months such an interval turned out to be exactly synodic months. The discovery of cyclical nature of eclipses — both solar and lunar — has led astronomers to a realisation that the Moon itself follows a certain periodic pattern of movement.

And since every cycle has at least two defining points , an idea of special moments in time has emerged:. Hyper jumping to the current time equipped with precise astronomical knowledge, we now know what the nodes are. The nodes are the two points where the Moon orbit intersects with the plane of the Earth orbit around the Sun.

Orbital nodes is a universal principle describing two intersecting elliptical orbits. If during its New Moon or Full Moon phase, the Moon happens to be travelling in the vicinity of one of its orbital nodes it is also aligned with the Earth-Sun plane and thus either:. Solar eclipses only happen during the New Moon and lunar eclipses only happen during the Full Moon. This may give some associations:. Apparently, Hindu or Vedic astrology treats the nodes rather seriously and places them among the nine major planets.

The ascending node is called Rahu and the descending node is called Ketu. The Rahu-Ketu movement resembles a huge celestial serpent that moves in a wavy up and down manner and periodically swallows the Sun or the Moon. The ascending node is held responsible for swallowing the Sun while the descending node is held responsible for lunar eclipses.

In its entirety the Rahuketu serpent is responsible for influencing the lives of the humans. Luckily enough, Chinese and other Asian cultures treat the dragon with all due respect and reverence. A common attitude was to classify the descending South Node as malefic and the ascending North Node as beneficial.

The Head of the Dragon was considered to be masculine and of nature of Jupiter and sometimes Jupiter—Venus. Using this overly simplified if not dismissive approach, one could still utilise the knowledge of the nodes in astrological interpretations and derive some additional insights from natal charts. The movement of the great celestial serpent represents unfoldment of life with its highs, lows and moments of equilibrium imbued with special meaning.

This idea actually makes some sense from the standpoint of qualities of the nodes. The north node is forward looking and advancing , brings originality, inspiration rooted in independence. Its downside can be potential confusion, illusion and neurotic addiction. Being related to past deeds and karma, the south node can express itself via eccentric behaviour and violence with potential amorality and impulsiveness. After all they are the two parts of one serpent! From this standpoint, it does make sense to see the North Node as a Jupiterian force of expansion and benevolence , while the South Node is a Saturnian principle of limits and karma leading to inevitable contraction until the debts have been repaid.

What makes the nodes so special is their relationship to eclipses. Every time the Moon finds itself in the vicinity of the nodes there is a probability of an eclipse, either solar or lunar.

Eclipses can only happen during either solar-lunar conjunction the New Moon or solar-lunar opposition the Full Moon when the connection between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth is interrupted. Most eclipses are quite harmless but some rare ones are powerful enough to introduce breaking points of a certain kind, depending on configuration of other significant planets. Just like in the symbolism of resting dragon: a powerful sleeping force that unleashes volleys of fire when awaken. Planets or points that are conjunct with the south node often mean the past — past patterns or past incarnations during which the person may have been:.

Action or inaction, good or bad, truth or falsehood… all equally create karmic imprints that can work either for or against the person. Any planet conjunct to the South Node signifies intense interaction of the individual with forces and principles of the planet that happened during past lives. The interaction may have been blissful, productive or traumatic. For example, having Neptune on the South Node may mean that in the past the person have been:. Either way, each planet can unfold its influence in either enabling or disabling manner. It is worth mentioning that the South Node also stands for occult powers and forces of the Underworld.

The three factors that influence that:. In each of those cases carefully analyse what could the past mean.

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As with pretty much everything in astrology, the meaning can vary and will depend on many other factors. A good approach is to choose a certain direction for further exploration, for example, exploring your relationship with power, the notion of me versus them, the degree of idealism versus practicality, etc. The head as the seat of consciousness is responsible for making choices. But free will is an extremely convincing illusion, so illude away! At least this way you get to pick your poison.

You could think of this in terms of the house Saturn and Pluto are passing through in your chart. Maybe this means paring down your style to be more functional, simple, ascetic, age-appropriate. Maybe this means giving up on covering up the bald spots and embracing a fully shaven head. Maybe this means giving up on coloring your hair and embracing your destiny as a silver fox or silver vixen, or a white fox or a white vixen.

With Pluto in the mix however, it might be something more extreme than just a makeover, something which reflects a dramatic internal transformation as well as an external one at this time. Weigh how much value it really has to you. Make some of your money back through a yard sale, or put some things on the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or ebay. For extra Saturn points though, you could donate it to Goodwill or think of other people in your life who could use it, and give it away freely.

With Pluto in the mix however, there is something especially traumatic or cathartic about the process of going through your old possessions. In a house associated with everything quick, mobile and fleeting, Saturn and Pluto could slow things down to a grinding halt. Maybe this is a time when your typical mode of transportation is out of commission, or your local area is being dug up and renovated, and you have to find new ways around to get where you want to go, or a new commute becomes a long arduous bore.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially profound or rotten about this area of your life at this time. This can also be a time when your relationships with neighbors, siblings, cousins or close friends can become icy. Maybe this means setting down some roots to establish your home base of operations. This could mean moving back to take on the responsibility of caring for elderly or unwell family members.

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The lunar eclipse January astrology is most affected by a Los Angeles – January 20, pm; New York – January 21, am. Jan 14, , 1st Quarter Moon Jan , 23 ♈ 45 Feb 12, , 1st Quarter Moon Feb , 23 ♉ 54 Moon Phases Calendar →.

With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially traumatic or cathartic about this area of your life at this time. If you have no plans to move, maybe evaluate how secure your home is and consider an emergency preparedness plan. Stock up on supplies, just in case. Maybe sacrifice the security of familial help or the comfort of having your own place far away from them, and embrace the responsibility of being part of a family.

In the context of children, it could mean embracing your responsibilities to them rather than indulging them, even if they reject you. It could also mean accepting that there are limits to how much you can control them. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially profound and transformative about this area of your life at this time. This could be a time when you are feeling imprisoned more than usual by your daily routine, your work, maintenance and duties, weighing the worth of it all.

This could also be a time of facing significant health issues, especially after a period of neglect. Instead of just letting this all happen to you, make this Saturn-Pluto transit mean the moment you turn this ship around. Embrace the grunt work, make a plan to get out of it, prioritize accomplishing your most important duties, especially those surrounding your health. Sacrifice comfort, feel the burn.

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With Pluto in the mix, the stakes may be especially high in this area of your life at this time. This could perhaps be a time when you feel cloistered and trapped by a relationship, when you reach the limits of your patience and decide to establish boundaries to protect yourself. As unromantic as it is, you may have to harshly judge the worth of your relationship. If it continues, it will be stronger for having been tested.

If you are currently single, relationships may arise in which there may be some utilitarian advantage for one of the parties, alongside affection and companionship. There could also be the possibility for manipulation and coercion through unbalanced power dynamics. With Pluto in the mix, there may be something especially poisonous or profound in this area of your life at this time.

You may have to sacrifice detrimental habits and behaviors in order to formalize or improve a relationship, or sacrifice the comfort of having a partner. This may be a time when you are vulnerable to participating in a crime or an underhanded approach to achieving something. Perhaps the sacrifice you could make in this case is to forgive a debt owed to you. Perhaps reflect on those who have passed on in your life and consider what they would have wanted you to do in their memory, or what they would have wanted for you. Honor their wishes in some way.

With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially spooky and profound episode in your life at this time. Whatever you sacrifice should be something that hurts a bit to give. This could mean embracing the criticism of your ideas and your works, or acknowledging the limits of your ideas and working them back up from the ground again, or going back to school or taking courses to build up an area of deficiency.

With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially profound and humbling area of your life in this time. This can be a time of great advancement but also perilous at such a great height. You may find yourself in morally compromised situations involving coercion and manipulation. There may be great fear and trepidation in dealing with bosses and authorities.

With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially precarious and profound area of your life in this time. Maybe you have to sacrifice a short-term advancement or gains for the sake of long term goals, in weighing what you really want to do with your life. This may mean you have to give up having certain people as friends or colleagues, either because they are no longer of real use or benefit to you, or because you have to stand up for a less popular colleague for an important reason which causes you disfavor with others.

You may have to choose who your real friends are, who your real allies are. You may have to give up awards and accolades which are not due to you and give credit where you know it is properly deserved. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially trying and profound in this area of your life in this time. Maybe you could sacrifice the spotlight and give a boost to those you consider deserving and are little known, try using your own power and platform to raise up others.

You may find yourself in quiet, isolated places, by your own volition or not. Never to say what they did was okay, but to not bother yourself anymore with them. Insulate yourself from these less pleasant characters in your existence. This may be as simple as walking away from an argument on social media, letting someone get the last word in, pulling off the road and counting to Maybe you can sacrifice the addictive burden of holding a grudge.

While you roll your eyes, let me explain what I mean. Surviving life is one thing, but living life is quite another. Spoiler alert: no one survives this place. No one gets out of here alive. Death will come to us all someday. However, as much as death is inevitable, so is the life that precedes it. So to some degree, to whatever extent is possible, you still have to carry on with your life despite the horror show. There will still be jokes to laugh at and problems to solve, beauty to witness and create, things to fight for and believe in, joys and victories to be won, new discoveries to be made and new dreams to be had.

You have to because these are as inevitable as the things we fear and dread. They never completely go away, but life goes on in all its ugliness and splendor. Fear can be reasonable, but it can never be a sole guiding principle. Best of luck. This is excellent work, Patrick.

Many thanks! I hope it will attract clientele for you, to whom you can offer real help. Leo rising and working on 6th house issues — diet and exercise, finding work, giving up cigs. Starting now.

Not waiting for January. Actually looking forward to it. The limitations and dark side of our belief systems. Including astrology. I love coming across a professional who will be the first to admit that neither him nor his discipline have all the answers.

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 14–20, 12222

I experienced this when I came down with a mysterious illness during a Neptune, Pluto, Uranus transit. And the chief pain specialist I went to said to me. Western medicine knows relatively very little actually. And the best advice I can give you is to see whether Eastern traditional medicine can give you the relief you need. I wished more astrologers were like that doctor. Astrology is as much an art as it is a science. And like all bodies of knowledge subjective. And affected by the environment and the culture in which it is practiced.

So by all means check out your zodiac. And to also include other modalities like human design, the tarot and plant based medicine if you really want to get the big picture. Otherwise with astrology you will only be getting at best less than half the answer. I think this is what Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is trying to get through to us. Know your limitations. Have the courage to look into the shadows of your own belief systems. Including the stories you tell yourself about who you really are. And what it is you are doing exactly. Astrology like everything has its blind spots and it would be nice to hear more astrologers investigate and talk about what those were.

Which can only be done by stepping outside astrology. Seeing it from a distance. And putting it into a broader political, cultural and anthropological context. Yes, I agree with this quest for analysis of our belief structures and how they inform and create our societies. For instance, I wonder what our world would now look like if we had collectively chosen in the Anglo-American postwar era to politically employ the dark duality of Pisces as a vehicle of engaged empathy in the suffering of others, rather than indulge in using the knowledge of the vulnerabilities of others in a dirty destructive material progressivist war set within a winner v loser paradigm: the latter abuse of human power simply transforming the entire world into a virtual degrading prison for all of us.

Excellent comment! All these modalities afford an exercise in exploring the manner in which we frame our perceptions — how we nuance the context of our lives. I really enjoyed this particular article — another colour on the palette with which I may bring vibrancy or contrast to the composition of my consciousness.

He tries to explain cosmic verities through the lens of astrology, which is tough to do. And, he manages to give each person reading a little bit of homework to do, and make a positive effort on their own behalf. Nice going. Great article! I liked how you came up with examples you worked on your own. Most astrologers online just search a celebrity database and put a meaningless list o names. The doomish and the sugarcoating analysis are not astrology. I woke up today feeling that I am completely lost in life, and that everything I am doing is pointless.

Your article helped me to recall the connections to other years of my life.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Well, I did finish college and some grad school degrees since then.. But still, your article reminded me about all my planets in libra… yeah wannabe astrologers like me are like that, they always forget to check squares, always focused on conjunctions and oppositions…. But if I may say something personal, I have all outers conjunct to inners, except sun and moon conjunct in scorpio, and in my life, somehow, all outers are totally personal!

My natal venus is in 4 Libra, conjunct pluto in 3 Libra. Thank you very much Patrick. And I can now seriously freak out. Joking aside, I have Jupiter in Cancer at 24 degrees so it will be…. Take care x. In all honesty… I have this aspect in the septile, even though it is not in the conjunction. I feel the effects. Understanding my asc. The first thing that I was struggling with is transportation. Whereas I lost my car in an accident. Yet, money for my insurance money to replace my car.

I also have Saturn in Capricorn. I also have Pluto with Scorpio. There is this strain to get people to work with you that is driving me crazy. Something I have no control over. The other thing is I had my son before Saturn Returns in Capricorn. He is a Saturn in Sag. I realized he got lucky in some ways. I am trying to make the most out of this situation as best as I can. The thing that got me the most is when I lost mobility, I lost my job. I feel like I am being put on a bench somewhere and being on hold.

I HATE it!

The Great Conjunction of 2020

Not driving for 4 years is driving me insane. If you live in the Suburbs and live in the states.