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The Magic Thread Astrological Chart Interpretation Using Depth Psychology

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Description Back due to popular demand! In this book, Richard Idemon teaches us how to look at the natal chart to gain rich, new insight into our deepest nature - the hidden agendas, childhood patterns and the belief systems that invariably shape our lives and relationships. Combining the symbolism of astrology, mythology and Jungian psychology, he teaches us how to break free of the entrenched attitudes that limit and restrict us. What we are truly capable of. Contrast is essential to decision, but once the decision is made, if you will turn your full attention to your decision and do your best to achieve a vibrational match with that decision, in a very short order, the Universe will go to work in helping you to achieve whatever it is that you are wanting.

Squares symbolize conflict partially because of their distance from each other. In the 90 degree aspect, planets are usually in the same modality. They all have a common means of motion, but what they are moving towards is usually different. The cardinal signs all move with a sense of action and initiation. What they want to initiate, however, is not the same thing at all. Aries takes action that leads to self awareness, self will and triumph. Cancer, 90 degrees from Aries, takes action that leads to emotional union, shared pain and merging.

Libra, 90 degrees from Cancer, takes action that leads to shared beauty, intellectual values and social pleasure. Capricorn, 90 degrees away from Libra, takes action that leads to greater authority, responsibility and achievement. And back to Aries, 90 degrees from Capricorn, who could care less about responsibility and the limits it entails. Square aspects imply meaningful conflicts and contrasts requiring effort, experience and introspection to resolve.

Usually they are difficult to ignore. They generally grab our attention in trickster-like ways, yet can be beneficial, creative and fertile. Remember to drop value judgments around the aspects. Squares make life neither good nor bad, easy or hard. What they do is link planets together for potential growth, awareness and evolution. Furthermore, the aspect's expression isn't set in stone. It changes as we evolve. A child with Mars square Pluto may see their parents or teachers as angry, controlling and scary at times.

They might experience the Pluto drive for power and control as bullying at school or, conversely, a charismatic blessing. Eventually, they can become both the Mars healthy aggression and Pluto empowerment taking responsibility for their own expression to bring fulfillment to themselves and others. In the feature chart above you can see that Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist and author of thirty novels including Uncle Tom's Cabin, had a near exact Sun conjunct Jupiter with both square Pluto.

Her identity Sun hinged on Jupiter freedom, expansion, joy and Pluto collective issues of power and control. How she expressed this square, a potentially challenging aspect rich with contrast is summed up in this quote. I hope every woman who can write will not be silent. Next, let's look at Steven Spielberg, the most popular directors and producers in Hollywood's history. It can often suggest major contrast in the early environment, especially with the Moon intercepted in Scorpio.

Two bloody noses. It was horrible. Also notice the square between Mars action and Neptune visual arts and film. What a powerful example of working with contrast. Contrast starts to loose its power over us when we become aware of the energies, the vibrations involved. Then, instead of feeling done wrong by or blaming, we can honor all the planets involved in creative, expansive ways. Freedom AND commitment. Money AND soul. Dream Job AND independence. Security AND love. Accomplishment AND spiritual life. Power AND creativity.

To conclude, a square between two or more planets means they are scripted to dialog with each other. They are partners, of sorts, always and forever. Also, if you missed our first call in the Doorways to Manifesting Series, you can listen to it here:. Comments on the Fourm and example charts in the Chart Gallery.

They show us WHAT is acting. Signs are expression — the costumes the actors wear. They show HOW the actors move. Houses are environments — the stage on which the actor struts her stuff. Aspects are the scripts — the dialog between actors who are connected. They show WHY the actors are attracted to each other. Three things will activate any aspects in the chart: time, place and people.

Think of it like this:. People - Synastry , as when another person's planet acts like a transit to yours. Find out more about Square Aspects in Aspect Patterns - a pattern that ties together three or more planets into a geometrical shape. Scripted to interact. Comments welcome, or join us on the GVA forum. March 6, Intermediate , transits Transits , old story , new story , astrology and scripting , Octavia Butler , success stories , Solar Return , success , beliefs.

Is it time telling a new story and change your life? I don't mean putting a splash of energy towards a new vibe, wishful thinking, bling, you're done.

Sun enters Scorpio

This is about engaging with the idea of what you want and being that vibe, now. No doubts. Zero hesitation. As Octavia Butler writes above "So be it! See to it! Butler achieved extraordinary success in her writing career, winning Hugo and Nebula awards and the coveted MacArthur Fellowship ie the "Genius Grant. Take a moment to read her script. It's not humble pleading. No hedging around.

Her new story, which clearly she came back to edit a few time, is strong, bold, insistent even!

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You might say she demanded her success, and her ability to help aspiring writers. It all came true, against huge 'odds'. The idea is simple. You have a desire and it's yet to be realized. The longer it takes, the more your old story builds, like:. It's easy to know when an old story isn't serving you. As Jeannette Maw says, you can spot those 'bad' stories a mile away by how they feel.

And, if the old story has been hanging around for a while, if it's become a solid BELIEF, your outer circumstances will make if clear. For example, if your story is "Relationships are hard work," and you are in the thick of a dramatic breakup, your relationship story could use an upgrade. As you speak, so shall it be.

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Tell the version you want to see unfold! Like Octavia Butler's example, you can literally write the story as you want it to read, as if it's already happened. Variations on this range from mantras, affirmations, scripts, vision boards to active imagination and guided meditation. The idea is, you let go of the old story-thoughts-belief and sing in the new. What impresses me the most about Octavia's New Story is the confidence from which she writes it. And it all came true! Let's look at her horoscope and see where that energy is coming from.

What made the time she chose to get 'real' about her intentions. How does this success in writing fits her chart. She's not what society expected. In her solar return chart, Gemini the written and spoken word AND commerce rises, bringing her own 12th house to the Ascendant. Her deepest dreams meet the light of day. What new story do you want to tell in ? Get to the vibe, then go about having your good time. February 28, youtube , Basic , Youtube , horoscopes zodiac , Audio , Zodiac , letting go , Retrogrades , well being , Mercury retrograde , Pisces , Mercury in Pisces , allowoing , floating downstrea , communication , miscommunication , Romance , Career , Tips for Mercury Rx.

Click on your sign - Aries to Pisces - to listen to Kim talking on each one for expanded Mercury retrograde tips. This Mercury Astro lasts three weeks, from March 5th to the 28th. It's a time that trips some people up, but that doesn't have to be you. Without any Astro savvy, you can tap the best approach and utilize this time, not waste it. Here's how. All you need to follow the quick and easy tips for Mercury Retrograde is your sun sign. If you aren't sure, just pop your date, time and place in the comments below.

And don't be shy. One out of every thirty people are born on the day the sun changes signs. Let's make sure of yours if there is any doubt. Your imagination can go wild, but not your bank card. Window shop, yes; spend, no.

Birth Chart: Richard Idemon (Aquarius)

Ease into a practice of listening to higher guidance. What messages are welling up? Watch for synchronicity, tune into feelings and Mercury retrograde for you is a time when you usual groups and friends turn into a herd of wild horses, all galloping off in different directions. Nothing predictable or controllable here. But that's OK. Allow for a new view when it comes to social connections, online and off, and find ways to relax amid the chaos.

Romance: Instead of red roses, suddenly you have playground duty. Roll up your sleeves. Well-being: Cardio is best, if you are fit. Otherwise, long walks and root vegetables. Career, mission or profession can feel like a dream time journey, or maybe a speck of light at the end of the tunnel! Romance: You'll be attracted to anyone in authority right now.

It's a phase, so make no binding commitments. Career: If you have to make changes, on fell swoop is best. Scrutinize everything before signing. Travel or study plans turn into the slip-ups and verbal missteps, the trickster's playground. Take deep breaths. It's not about forging ahead right now, but finding peace and serenity in the midst of contrast. Take time out to reconsider your world view. Is it what you think, or what you are expected to think? Don't panic.

You KNOW what the public wants. Well-being: Good for starting a fitness program you actually believe in. Be adaptive. Mercury retrograde in your shared resources sector has you reconsidering joint financial arrangements, loans, grants, and funding. As you sift through the possibilities, look for places to adjust. You get to decide how this goes, but not yet. Let it marinate for a while.

Meanwhile, go have fun. Romance: Deep, meaningful raves, connections of the intense and intimate kind fuel your fire. Allow for mystery. Career: Sort any debts, owed or owing and find ways to easy out of the red. Baby steps are fine. Well-being: Immerse in water where possible, baths, Jacuzzi, pools, rivers, oceans. Consider a liver cleanse. Reflect on your relationships without judgement. Career: Reconsider collaborations and biz partnerships. Strong ones thrive. Weak ones are on the way out.

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Well-being: Drop any attempt to martyr yourself. Asks for help. It's not all up to you. Mercury retrograde through your well-being zone says reconsider your lifestyle. Take stock of your nutrition, exercise, health care, comfort and routine. Start with what you believe about your body, and listen. Romance: The couple that works together stays together.

Find common goals and live them. Career: Put your mind to the little day to day things that fuel your highest ambition. Are they fun? Make them so! Well-being: A health issue at this time suggests you're not living your highest excitement. What toleration can hit the curb? This is a time to go into cruise control in the creative realm and practice the art of allowing.

Think play, recreate and relax. The goal is to drop judgment and experience life in the red hot moment. And it will be red hot when you stop worrying. Career: Speculation can be good, especially if you are going back over previous ground. What can you adjust or tweak? Well-being: Anything that boosts your qi, makes you smile and lightens the load is the panacea.

Take it! Turn your thoughts inward to home life, family and symbiotic connections. And your home? Is it set up to be the perfect sanctuary you require? Career: You have to take control. It's not working, working for others who don't appreciate your gifts. Find a way.

Well-being: Amp up self-love and nurturing, especially if you are suddenly expected to take care of others with little notice. You say one thing; they hear another, oh my! Emails, sans body language, are misconstrued. Sending text msg without punctuation is a disaster unless you double check.

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Do revise manuscripts and rethinking any form of communication. Romance: You may run into an old flame while visiting familiar haunts. Some people do change. Test the waters.

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Of all the memorials on this site, this has been the hardest to do, for Richard was Richard Idemon was an astrologer with the rare ability to present his ideas as. American teacher who counseled, taught and lectured psychotherapy and psychology for astrologers from He was an entertaining and dynamic speaker who was known world-wide at conferences, universities, medical schools and clinics. Ideman joined Liz Greene in the 's to.

Career: Rethink your process, creative or practical. You're missing a core value that wants to help. Well-being: Find flexible thoughts that let you go with the flow. Drop the oars and float out to sea! Use this time to get in touch with what really offers a sense of peace and well-being. It may mean letting go of outmoded ideas, people or core values that fuel nonproductive thoughts.

Awareness is always the first step. It will lead to skill and talent development that is more authentic than you thought possible. Romance: Enjoy light flirtations and playful banter. This is no time to nail anything down. Well-being: Passive actions work best, starting with blessing the food you eat, water you drink and loving your body. Mercury retrograde tacks through your birth sign, asking you to take a look in the mirror. Reflect on what you believe about your self, what you do, where you do it, whom you do it with.

Set an intention to notice the things you like about your life and smile. And then, Exhale worries away with each breath, inhale peace. Career: Hold back until next month to launch anything new. In the meantime, brainstorm with an open mind. Well-being: Listening to the body makes all the difference. Do a body scan , and get the message. Mercury Rx as Trickster. Astro-Body Scan guided exploration. Medical Astrology. Pre-pave with Astrology Solar Chart Solutions. February 11, Transits , Planets , Retrogrades.

Where is the Trickster going to stir up dust this time? What can you do to stay Zen and what you can from this energy shift? Is that even the goal? First, to understand the astronomy of a retrograde planet, check out this 5-minute tutorial on my Youtube Channel- Planetary Retrogrades. Inner focus and reflection is important at this time, but that's not all. Mercury Rx means the Trickster is afoot and anything is game.

Mercury goes direct on March 28th and will leave the Mercury Rx zond on April 16th. The most important approach to Mercury Rx is 'mind over matter. It you trust that all paths are good, that you are willing, able and relaxed about slowing down and tuning in, then no matter what happens, or doesn't happen out there in the world is simply be part of your joyful Feng Shui. For those that feel they need extra support at this time, her are some tips. Mercury morphs during the retrograde cycle. Like a skinwalker, he steps out of his fleet-winged garb and dons the form of the Trickster.

You can recognize this energy instantly. At its core is disruption, the intention to pull on the threads of order so it will unravel. He brings surprise, metaphor, visions and synchronicity. He, or she, presents us with a new perspective, one that might both excite and frighten us. It certainly provides the opportunity for growth. In the mythologies of many people, the Trickster , the mythic figure who embodies the unexpected synchronicity and who steps godlike through the cracks and flaws in the ordered world of ordinary reality, brings luck good and bad, profits and losses, all to instill growth and change.

The Trickster appears when we are stuck, either in a habit pattern that no longer serves us, a limiting thought about ourselves or others, an outmoded perception or a feeling of being trapped or out of touch with our vitality, our creative life force. When we get into such a state, sooner or later the Trickster comes to blow the roof off the house and cracks open the windows.

We encounter disruption - lose our car keys, wallet, job, family, friends, or unexpected news. Whatever form it takes, we are put in a position of having to make a radical change. Maybe it's only for a day, as in missing keys. Maybe it's for the rest of our lives, as in a relationship change. However it comes, it's a sudden shake-up that renews the flow of energy to our hearts so that life has meaning again.

By following the transit of Mercury through your chart, you can note the house s activated, any planets aspects and from the symbolism, meet the Trickster halfway. Here's how you do it. We can see the 7th and 8th houses of relationship, partners, shared resources and trust are activated. Also, a few important aspects that link to this, especially the square to Jupiter and Venus, the inconjunct to the Ascendant and trine to Uranus. Ad sextile the MC! Lots to ponder. Let's meet up in the comments, or on t he GVA Member's Forum to discuss where, how and why the Trickster is dropping in on your life!

February 2, transits , Horary Astrology , Aspects aspects , William Lilly , core values , major aspects , Aspects , Horary Astrology , Al-Qabisi , collecting the lights translating the lights , Translation and collection , weighty planets , light planets , Islamic astrology , aspect techniques , Phillip Leslie Hale art , transiting planets , applying orbs , separating and applying , house focus , releasing contrast. If you've been exploring astrology for a while, you might have come across two terms: Translating and Collecting the Lights.