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The environment at work and home remains cordial throughout the day. An optimistic day for the bull! It is a dynamic day mostly on account of work. Work occupies your mind today and you will put in all your labor to get things moving. Your hard work will pay major dividends today. On the whole, an eventful day for the Taurean. Overview: The month of October will begin with full excitement and high energy for Taurus moon sign and things will remain the same until 15th October.

But you need to try and refrain from getting over-excited and over-confident during this month as it may not go in your favor.

Taurus Horoscope 12222: Everything Is Possible This Year!

Try and maintain a safe distance in matters related to a certain female otherwise; you will get the blames and allegations for things you are not responsible for in the first place. This month will be good in the sense that your siblings will also be extremely supportive to you. Consulting your Father or senior before taking any major decision in life will be beneficial for you during this month.

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There are good chances that you will get interested in some Taurus, the year seems a bright new chapter in your life with plenty of new chances and opportunities. Your innermost romantic will be in action this year. High energy levels accompanied by patience will bring you success. The year may start on a sluggish note, with loneliness or stressful thoughts clouding your mind. However, things will greatly improve after March Taurus is practical, sensible and a natural lover of material things.

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A Taurus boss will never be satisfied running a small business. Your Taurus husband can give you complete stability, safety and security in a marriage.

Ruled by the planet of glamour and beauty Venus, There are not many women on the planet as resilient and strong as your Taurus wife. This woman has many wonderful, admirable qualities. Taurus individuals make very dependable, caring and loving partners. Ruled by the beauty plant planet Venus, Taurus has natural fondness You are sensual, ruled by the five senses.

You have a taste for finer things.


You often become antique collector right from childhood. Taurus sign is ruled by Venus - the planet of beauty and material comforts and Moon is exalted in this sign. They are generous and magn Good food tickles your taste buds. You have a deep fondness for indulgence.

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You should sternly be careful to over eat or drink too much. Those born in Taurus like everything to be in order. The New Year is an excellent time to try new things, get aggressive and lay t In , your health will be satisfactory, but you will only have to keep a check New Year begins with new hopes as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn play significant role Taurus, Jupiter will take you forward as the year begins, thanks to its posit An indepth study of your birth chart will predict your future in great detail.

This will not just give you peace of mind by removing the Your urgent questions are answered on a priority by our Vedic Experts.

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Read Your Taurus Horoscope and Taurus yearly Horoscope prediction from indianastrologycom. We are your free Taurus Horoscope Find out detailed information about taurus horoscope sign and know about taurus career, taurus love horoscope, taurus horoscope like and dislike.

Take this popular service for peace of mind on your pressing issues. A Vedic Astrologer can come up with the auspicio Dussehra, the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil is celebrated on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin. This year, it falls on October 8. After the days of festivities and fun Navratri come to an end, Durga Visarjan is performed.

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It is celebrated on the last day of Navratri and the devotees bid farewell to Maa Durg On the ninth day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped. Siddhi means meditative ability and Dhatri means giver. She is seated on a lotus and has four arms which hold a lotu Dussehra is a Hindu festival in India, which is celebrated on the final day of the Navratri festival.

This year Dussehra falls on the 8th of October. There are several stories Taurus Monthly Horoscope. Today This Week This Month Taurus Monthly Finance Horoscope Travel related expenses are highly indicated in the first week, Taurus. Taurus Monthly Health Horoscope You are likely to feel a little agitated this month.

Taurus Personality Taurus, you are as solid as a rock, and some may even say that you are t Read More Taurus Lover Taurus is truly the epitome of the earth goddess signs on the zodiac. Taurus Professional You are a hardworking individual who will happily spend endless hours on Read More Taurus Teen Boy :The Taurus lad is big, powerfully built and obstinate.

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Astro Guide now available in the App Store. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. In the first months of everything will run smoothly for your love life, but towards the middle of the year , doubts and misunderstandings will lead you to question the future of your relationship. Does my Kundli have suitable Yoga for a government job? Success will come to you through hard work and sincere efforts. Taurus, seems to be a prosperous time for your finances. You may need to gather more data before moving ahead with a big project.

Click Here. Anushka Sharma The very young and bubbly Taurean Anushka made her mark in Bollywood in a very short span of time. Talk to an astrologer Jitender Narang 4. Exp : 9 years 1. Dr Vinod Pandey 4. Exp : 13 years 1. Pramod Sharma 4. Exp : 15 years 0. Acharya Banshidhar 4.

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